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Monday, May 25, 2009

It Has been A Long Time!!

I realize that it has been a long time since I have updated this blog on the going ons of the Mardis Family! So i will Update a Little with pictures today!

102_1429 Seth Playing in the Snow and in a Trash Can!! i know Forever Ago but Still cute!


Seth Being Adorable Laying on his Dad’s Face!

Heighton 3_19_0946 Heighton 3_19_0982

My Brother Ben Got Married!  She Really Does Like Him!

Heighton 3_19_0918

Family Photo At Ben’s Wedding

We’ve Played outside in the Sandbox and Backyard a Few Times!


102_1524 102_1539

My Cousin Crystal Got Married Last Saturday!

102_1546  102_1545 102_1567

My First Official Mother Son Dance!102_1569

A Great Shot of My Dad with His Step Mother Faye!


My Niece Sam With Her Catch of the Day,Seth! They Were the 2 kids at Weddings that you see dancing with each Other and are so Cute! There were a few fights between them and He Kept Pushing Her away when she tried to kiss him! Ha Ha!


We are Still House hunting! Nothing coming up so Far! We have put a Few offer in and all have gone under contract the Same day! We do have an Offer in now but the property hasn’t been Assigned a Mitigator from the bank yet and so it will probably be a while before we hear anything so we will keep looking! Aaron and i went through a list of them today and are excited about a few of them that we will go see on Thursday and Friday This Week!

We are planning a Trip to Moab for my Birthday on June! Then we will head over to Cedar City from there for a Wedding of an old friend of Aaron’s!

Hope All is Well with Everyone and I’ll see you in a few months for the next update! Hopefully it will be sooner but can’t Promise anything!


Amy said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Good luck with your continued househunting. We had many fall through when we were looking too and I remember thinking we'd never have a house of our own. Hang in there!

dmaismith said...

Your Seth is one of the cutest kids ever. I'm sure you'll find the perfect house. It's probably like finding the perfect spouse--it just takes a while and when you do, it all falls into place. Good luck!

Crystal and Weston said...

I love the wedding pictures! I had no idea that Seth and Sam were playing that much! That is soooo adorable!