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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crayon Tutorial

Step 1:
Get a Silicone Ice cube Tray and place it on a cookie Sheet, I put a piece of wax paper underneath just in case of Spills and heat oven to 225(250 was to hot for this one and started to melt the bottom, but was fine for my heart ones so just be careful)
(This one was bought at Ikea and my heart shape ones were bought at Target)
(I am looking for Shamrock ones and Easter type ones, So if you find some please let me know)

Step 2:
Get a bunch of crayons and break them into small Pieces,
(Different brands melt at different temperatures)

Step 3:
Put little pieces into shapes, Can use a mixture of colors or all the same color
( I am saving all my green ones for shamrocks)
Step 4:
Put in oven at 225 (Watch closely so you don't burn/melt anything)

Step 5:
When they look glossy take them out of oven, There is no set time really since all crayons melt differently(as you can see in the upper right corner one didn't melt at all)

Step 6:
let cool, Overnight is best

Step 7:
remove from tray carefully
(as you can see... all but one of my fish, died)
( I would not recommend the fish or any other molds with tiny grooves like the fish!)
Step 8:
Enjoy and color!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


November was an easy going month! We spent thanksgiving up at Aaron's parents house! I cracked and told them we were expecting! We then came home and told my family at our family dinner and mom’s birthday dinner that Sunday! I made a T-shirt for Seth to where that said “ No one consulted me about the Big Brother Thing” “June 2010” No one said anything about the shirt! Several of my siblings read it but didn’t quite get it until I had my mom read it at dinner and then everyone finally caught on that we were expecting! My sister was surprised I had kept it a secret for so long! We wanted to wait until Christmas but I wasn’t able to keep it in that long!


The first weekend in October, We took a mini vacation up to wolf Creek! I had won a free 3 night stay from a radio Station! Aaron’s Mother came down for the weekend to watch Seth while we were there as we were celebrating our anniversary late! We got to go Golfing and eat out at a fairly nice restaurant! We had spent our 1st anniversary up at wolf creek at a different resort so it was fun to be up there again and the weather was still decent and was gorgeous when we went golfing!

We celebrated Seth’s 2nd birthday! We didn’t do a big party like we had for his first birthday! We did go to the zoo!

At the end of October we did find out we were expecting baby #2 in June but we chose not to tell anyone yet! Not even family!

It was a very hard secret to keep, especially since some People knew we were trying and continued to ask if we had any news yet!

Halloween, Seth dressed up as a pumpkin, Aaron and I didn’t dress up as anything as I had a REAL Soccer game that day and Aaron spent the day working on his car as it didn’t pass inspection and was supposed to be registered that day! Seth spent the day with Opa and didn’t get a nap so by the time we got home after trick or treating at our trunk or treat and at my parents street he was wiped! Pictures to come!


September we finally closed on the 14th and moved into our new condo a week and half later after cleaning the whole place!! We love the new place and our neighbors!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A few Pictures to look at until I get around to writing about Andrew's Birth!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


August was also fairly busy! At the End of July we found a condo that we really liked and put an offer in and we heard back on the 1st of august that they countered our original Offer but still was lower than asking price and we were ok with that! so We Accepted there counter! We were told that we should be able to close on august 31st. We were way excited. We love the location and the condo was in very good condition and had a few brand new carpet and Pergo flooring and counters in the Kitchen. It is a 3 Bedroom and 1100 sq. ft. We applied for a grant from West Jordan city for down payment assistance.  We were looking at closing on the 5th of September now though and because of the sellers contract with the house they were buying it was going to cost us $50 a day after the 31st. So we pushed west Jordan to get us the money before that. They did, We even thought we were going to close by the 28th instead. the 28th didn’t happen and the 31st didn’t happen either.

Mean while here are some other happenings of August.


Seth being adorable wearing a orange homemade belt and a bandana.


Seth Easing into the Water


Throwing Water Around

100B1940  Soaking West throwing water down the slide!


Seth Riding His Zucchini Horse


Aaron’s cousin Alice moved back here with her husband Austin and 2 month only son Olin. They had us over for dinner and this is what Austin and Seth played. Seth leaned over like this once and Austin hit him with the big yoga ball and then kept wanting to do it over and over again. And then Austin Finally joined him in leaning over. 100_1957

They then started rolling the ball back and forth together and then Austin Taught him how to do it with his head. It was fairly funny to watch them play together.  I am thinking that Austin is really excited to be a new dad and for Olin to be Seth's age when they can' play like this.


Aaron had his First day of college at the end of August.


He was so excited about his new backpack and all of his books.  We were also pretty lucky because we were able to get a pell grant that pretty much paid for his schooling. I was stressing a little as how we were going to pay for school and a down payment on our house all at the same time,  but it all worked out.

we are also trying to sell our dirt bike… If you know anyone that is interested please let me know. Search Roketa on KSL or Craigslist and it will come up

100_1757 .


July was fairly busy, Still house hunting, we had put an offer on a house and it was accepted but after Aaron's dad came down to inspect it we chose not to go through with it as it had a few Major problems that we didn’t want to deal with! So we were back to looking again and we decided to look into condo’s and townhomes after pricing out some 3 bedroom apt and it seemed cheaper to buy a 3 bedroom condo rather than renting.

on July 4th we went to the West Jordan city Parade. We had fun although a ton of kids and even a few greedy adults stood in front of us to get candy the entire time. We were on the edge of the road but they all decided that in front of us was the best place to stand to get the candy that was being thrown out.. ( which wasn’t very much)


Seth waving his flag we got!


We went up to Idaho falls the weekend after the fourth to see Aaron’s dad who was up from California and Aaron's brother who was moving to Washington in the fall! We had a fun time playing! we usually always play croquet when we go up there and this game was a little different because the sprinkler had just been on so we chose to stay out of the wet grass so we set up a ultimate course. It was fun! Seth had fun playing with his 2 cousins, Aurora and Jonah.

100_1751Family Photo Taken in Idaho Falls

On the 24th of July there was Real Salt Lake Soccer game! We had my dad watch Seth and Aaron and I went! Afterwards there were fireworks so we went down on the field and laid down and watched the fireworks. It was very fun and I enjoyed staring up at the sky!


July 31st I went up to The girl Scout camp Trefoil Ranch with friend from 10 years ago! It was our 10 Year Reunion for our counselor in Training 2 Program. We had quite a few of us show up but we were missing a few. We buried a time capsule on July 31st 1999 and said we would dig it up 10 year later. It was buried next a big rock we called the resting rock as it served as a gathering place and was a natural place to stop and rest on the way to our camp. Well 10 years later that rock had been moved somewhere else so we had a hard time finding the time capsule and was unsuccessful after a few hours of digging in circles going back and forth between different spots based on different opinions. It was fun to hang out with them again and see how everyone is doing and find out what they are doing with there lives now. We said it wouldn't be as long next time before getting together! most of us are on Facebook so we keep in contact better now. i can truly say that they are still my friends 10 years later without seeing a whole lot of them over the past 10 years.  

CIT Reunion Biff and I

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moab June 2008

For My Birthday this year I decided i wanted to go down to Moab and do some camping! It a had been a long time since I had been there and it is one of my most favorite places to visit! It gets me excited about rock Climbing again although I am not in near enough shape to do anything right now!


After our first hike looking back on the View of Arches National Park! Seth Had a blast in the back pack for most of the time he was in there!  100_1613

Family Photo the First Day! I chose to wear the Back pack and Carry Seth the First Hike to get Used to it!


Aaron doing some Hiking and Posing! He got to climb up a little more than I did because I had Seth on me and didn’t trust Myself enough to do all the climbing I wanted to do!


An Amazing shot of Seth! I absolutely love his Smile!


Walking with Daddy!

He needed to get out to walk and get exercise so he wouldn’t get sick of being in the backpack!!


Family Photo at Turret Arch! When I was 15 we came here and I climbed into the little hole Arch, on the right side of the picture! Another time in College over winter break we came down here and I tried again but was unable to do to snow! I’ve Always wanted to try again but this time I was too out of Shape to even think about it! So I am going to be in Shape next time we go down so that I can make it up there again!


On My Birthday we Rented a Jeep but didn’t do enough research of where to go for enough of a Thrill but still safe enough for us to do the trail without to much problem! We Ended up doing a Trail called Chicken’s Crossing!   The Trail was Ok but we wanted more of a 4x4 Trail! We probably could have done this Trail in our Subaru! I drove the First little bit as I was Legally the only one supposed to be driving as I was over 25! The View at the End of the Trail was amazing!  Seth had been stuck in the Car Seat for a Couple hours and was not happy that we were not letting him down to play!


This is What Seth looked like most of the trip on the Jeep! And Occasionally when it got really bumpy he would wake up and glare at us for not allowing him to sleep!


The Back of the Jeep was open and it started to pour and so we made it back to our campsite just in time to close windows and but we had just bought a brand new tent and apparently it didn’t have rain flaps over zippers and it just poured water on into the tent! It wasn’t horrible but definitely not keeping the tent! Seth got a little wet on the ride back to the camp but it was a torrential downpour after we got into the tent! His Car Seat was SOAKED! Apparently we should have gone hiking in Arches that day as in Arches it sprinkled a little bit but did not pour! The Group next to us was hiking in arches and asked us why there was a puddle of water at the bottom of there tent when they got back! There was an amazing Rainbow after the Storm!


While Taking Cover in our tent Seth kept himself occupied by jumping on our Air Mattress! It eventually cleared a little but it was chilly and didn’t want Seth to ride in the wet car seat with an open car. So we took the Jeep back early and then went out to dinner for my birthday!    


The Last day we were there we chose to go hike Delicate Arch! Seth is Being a Goofball in the car on our way to the Arch!





On our Way up to Delicate Arch! Seth being Shaded by his sunshade and getting a ride that many people were jealous of! I couldn’t believe how many people commented on our backpack carrier! WE saw a few other carriers but we decided that t not many people hike with little kids as a ton of people on the hike were very surprised by the whole concept of carrying a child on a HJike! A few people wanted to know how much we charged for a ride and Aaron kept Telling people that Seth was going to carry him back down!


Family Photo Underneath Delicate Arch!  We are little ants compared to the size of the Arch!


After Getting our Photo Taken Seth wanted to sit down next to this girl! He immediately befriended her and wanted to wear her hat and drink her water and even eat her grapes which she graciously shared! I thought that he would want to run around hence the Leash but all he wanted to do was sit next to this little girl and tell her about all the birds he kept Seeing! 

100_1676  These are a few of my attempts at Artistic Photography while there! These are raw and unedited! I love the contrast in both of these shots! 


Sorry for the Hiatus!!!

I know it has been a long time! I am just not very good at keeping this updated and i really don’t think many people actually read it but I suppose i read a lot of other peoples so I need to keep mine updated!  So here are a Few updates about our Life right now!

Monday, May 25, 2009

It Has been A Long Time!!

I realize that it has been a long time since I have updated this blog on the going ons of the Mardis Family! So i will Update a Little with pictures today!

102_1429 Seth Playing in the Snow and in a Trash Can!! i know Forever Ago but Still cute!


Seth Being Adorable Laying on his Dad’s Face!

Heighton 3_19_0946 Heighton 3_19_0982

My Brother Ben Got Married!  She Really Does Like Him!

Heighton 3_19_0918

Family Photo At Ben’s Wedding

We’ve Played outside in the Sandbox and Backyard a Few Times!


102_1524 102_1539

My Cousin Crystal Got Married Last Saturday!

102_1546  102_1545 102_1567

My First Official Mother Son Dance!102_1569

A Great Shot of My Dad with His Step Mother Faye!


My Niece Sam With Her Catch of the Day,Seth! They Were the 2 kids at Weddings that you see dancing with each Other and are so Cute! There were a few fights between them and He Kept Pushing Her away when she tried to kiss him! Ha Ha!


We are Still House hunting! Nothing coming up so Far! We have put a Few offer in and all have gone under contract the Same day! We do have an Offer in now but the property hasn’t been Assigned a Mitigator from the bank yet and so it will probably be a while before we hear anything so we will keep looking! Aaron and i went through a list of them today and are excited about a few of them that we will go see on Thursday and Friday This Week!

We are planning a Trip to Moab for my Birthday on June! Then we will head over to Cedar City from there for a Wedding of an old friend of Aaron’s!

Hope All is Well with Everyone and I’ll see you in a few months for the next update! Hopefully it will be sooner but can’t Promise anything!