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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crayon Tutorial

Step 1:
Get a Silicone Ice cube Tray and place it on a cookie Sheet, I put a piece of wax paper underneath just in case of Spills and heat oven to 225(250 was to hot for this one and started to melt the bottom, but was fine for my heart ones so just be careful)
(This one was bought at Ikea and my heart shape ones were bought at Target)
(I am looking for Shamrock ones and Easter type ones, So if you find some please let me know)

Step 2:
Get a bunch of crayons and break them into small Pieces,
(Different brands melt at different temperatures)

Step 3:
Put little pieces into shapes, Can use a mixture of colors or all the same color
( I am saving all my green ones for shamrocks)
Step 4:
Put in oven at 225 (Watch closely so you don't burn/melt anything)

Step 5:
When they look glossy take them out of oven, There is no set time really since all crayons melt differently(as you can see in the upper right corner one didn't melt at all)

Step 6:
let cool, Overnight is best

Step 7:
remove from tray carefully
(as you can see... all but one of my fish, died)
( I would not recommend the fish or any other molds with tiny grooves like the fish!)
Step 8:
Enjoy and color!

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