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Thursday, September 24, 2009


August was also fairly busy! At the End of July we found a condo that we really liked and put an offer in and we heard back on the 1st of august that they countered our original Offer but still was lower than asking price and we were ok with that! so We Accepted there counter! We were told that we should be able to close on august 31st. We were way excited. We love the location and the condo was in very good condition and had a few brand new carpet and Pergo flooring and counters in the Kitchen. It is a 3 Bedroom and 1100 sq. ft. We applied for a grant from West Jordan city for down payment assistance.  We were looking at closing on the 5th of September now though and because of the sellers contract with the house they were buying it was going to cost us $50 a day after the 31st. So we pushed west Jordan to get us the money before that. They did, We even thought we were going to close by the 28th instead. the 28th didn’t happen and the 31st didn’t happen either.

Mean while here are some other happenings of August.


Seth being adorable wearing a orange homemade belt and a bandana.


Seth Easing into the Water


Throwing Water Around

100B1940  Soaking West throwing water down the slide!


Seth Riding His Zucchini Horse


Aaron’s cousin Alice moved back here with her husband Austin and 2 month only son Olin. They had us over for dinner and this is what Austin and Seth played. Seth leaned over like this once and Austin hit him with the big yoga ball and then kept wanting to do it over and over again. And then Austin Finally joined him in leaning over. 100_1957

They then started rolling the ball back and forth together and then Austin Taught him how to do it with his head. It was fairly funny to watch them play together.  I am thinking that Austin is really excited to be a new dad and for Olin to be Seth's age when they can' play like this.


Aaron had his First day of college at the end of August.


He was so excited about his new backpack and all of his books.  We were also pretty lucky because we were able to get a pell grant that pretty much paid for his schooling. I was stressing a little as how we were going to pay for school and a down payment on our house all at the same time,  but it all worked out.

we are also trying to sell our dirt bike… If you know anyone that is interested please let me know. Search Roketa on KSL or Craigslist and it will come up

100_1757 .

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