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Thursday, September 24, 2009


July was fairly busy, Still house hunting, we had put an offer on a house and it was accepted but after Aaron's dad came down to inspect it we chose not to go through with it as it had a few Major problems that we didn’t want to deal with! So we were back to looking again and we decided to look into condo’s and townhomes after pricing out some 3 bedroom apt and it seemed cheaper to buy a 3 bedroom condo rather than renting.

on July 4th we went to the West Jordan city Parade. We had fun although a ton of kids and even a few greedy adults stood in front of us to get candy the entire time. We were on the edge of the road but they all decided that in front of us was the best place to stand to get the candy that was being thrown out.. ( which wasn’t very much)


Seth waving his flag we got!


We went up to Idaho falls the weekend after the fourth to see Aaron’s dad who was up from California and Aaron's brother who was moving to Washington in the fall! We had a fun time playing! we usually always play croquet when we go up there and this game was a little different because the sprinkler had just been on so we chose to stay out of the wet grass so we set up a ultimate course. It was fun! Seth had fun playing with his 2 cousins, Aurora and Jonah.

100_1751Family Photo Taken in Idaho Falls

On the 24th of July there was Real Salt Lake Soccer game! We had my dad watch Seth and Aaron and I went! Afterwards there were fireworks so we went down on the field and laid down and watched the fireworks. It was very fun and I enjoyed staring up at the sky!


July 31st I went up to The girl Scout camp Trefoil Ranch with friend from 10 years ago! It was our 10 Year Reunion for our counselor in Training 2 Program. We had quite a few of us show up but we were missing a few. We buried a time capsule on July 31st 1999 and said we would dig it up 10 year later. It was buried next a big rock we called the resting rock as it served as a gathering place and was a natural place to stop and rest on the way to our camp. Well 10 years later that rock had been moved somewhere else so we had a hard time finding the time capsule and was unsuccessful after a few hours of digging in circles going back and forth between different spots based on different opinions. It was fun to hang out with them again and see how everyone is doing and find out what they are doing with there lives now. We said it wouldn't be as long next time before getting together! most of us are on Facebook so we keep in contact better now. i can truly say that they are still my friends 10 years later without seeing a whole lot of them over the past 10 years.  

CIT Reunion Biff and I

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